Edward James Olmos Daily
April 8, 2020
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Edward announced via his Twitter that the Latino Film Institute will be streaming live script readings from students in the Youth Cinema Project. Edward started the project and also stated that the scripts will be read by various TV & movie actors. You can view his announcement on YCP’s You Tube Channel by visiting our video vault link below.

“Edward James Olmos announced today that the Latino Film Institute will live stream script reading sessions from their Youth Cinema Project (YCP) students. Talent from NARCOS MEXICO, QUEEN OF THE SOUTH, GENTEFIED, VIDA, MAYANS M.C., DEVIOUS MAIDS,ONE DAY AT A TIME, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, THE SINNER, LOS ESPOOKYS, SPANISH AQUI and more will be doing virtual live readings on Wednesdays and Fridays at 1pm PDT beginning April 8, 2020 on the Youth Cinema Project website, and can be found on social media with the hashtag: #YCPLiveReads”

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