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Aug 09, 20   Renee   0 Comment Interview, Video Vault

Last night Edward discussed his career with Dan Guerrero during the Happy Hour with Dan Guerrero on a Zoom chat. The video was also streamed live on Facebook however towards the end of the chat, it was stated the video was removed possibly due to the use of the clip from Zoot Suit. During the […]

Jul 29, 20   Renee   0 Comment Interview, News, Site Update, Television

Edward James Olmos spoke to FOX 11’s Amanda Salas about the lack of Latinx creators and actors who were snubbed from 2020’s Emmy nominations live on Good Day LA. Video Vault > Interviews > 2020 Source Link: FOX LA News

Jun 17, 20   Renee   0 Comment Interview, News

When Tito Puente Jr. received the news that Edward James Olmos wanted to produce a set of projects honoring his late father, Tito Puente, it was a no brainer for the Puente family to give the green light. “This is a fantastic opportunity,” Puente Jr. tells Billboard. “My father is truly missed and remembered, and Mr. […]

Jun 10, 20   Renee   0 Comment Gallery, Interview

In 2017 the cast of Battlestar Galactica reunited for the ATX Television Festival. The cast appeared on the final two days of the event, which was June 9-10. During this time they all posed for Entertainment Weekly photoshoots and gave a full cast panel. Edward also participated in a panel on the 10th alongside Kyra […]

Jun 04, 20   Renee   0 Comment Interview, News, Press

Edward James Olmos has been acting, directing and producing film and television for 45 years, establishing himself as an iconic Latino actor when there weren’t many of them. Films from Blade Runner to Zoot Suit, Selena, My Family and American Me, and TV work including his Emmy-winning turn as Lt. Castillo in Miami Vice, Battlestar […]

May 30, 20   Renee   0 Comment Interview, Video Vault

There is such much turmoil right now that, I wanted to share an example of Edward doing what he does best which is activism. In 1992, he organized a cleanup in Los Angeles in the aftermath of the LA Riots. He made appearances on on ABC News 7 encouraging families to keep their loved ones […]

Apr 23, 20   Renee   0 Comment Interview, Video Vault

Edward discusses his final stunning scene of the series, filming Laura’s death scene which left them both highly emotional. He also talks about the infamous no alien clause in his contract. Video Vault > BSG Marathon Intro Video Vault > BSG Big Frakking Marathon Source: SYFY

Apr 17, 20   Renee   0 Comment Interview, News

Edward discusses the launch of the YCP Live Reads as well as his life during quarantine. Press Library Source: Spectrum News

Mar 28, 20   Renee   0 Comment Interview, News, Video Vault

Rick Najera who is a good friend of Edward hosted a live video chat with Edward where they discussed the current situation with the Corona Virus. During the chat they talked about how he was doing with self isolation, keeping in contact with his family, and much more. Video Vault > 2020 > Latino Thoughtmakers […]